• Select your two buttons for Attack and Dodge when the game begins.
  • Attack the fireball (red circle) when it comes at you.
  • If the fireball goes yellow, dodge! You can't strike it back.
  • A very fast fireball will bypass the Sorcerer's shield and hit him.
  • Each hit on the Sorcerer adds another layer to the song.
  • Complete the song and hit the Sorcerer again to reach the next level.
  • Don't get hit yourself! You'll lose a layer.
  • If you lose all layers in the song, it's game over.
  • Currently six levels (three songs plus three remixes) and then the game loops.

Thank you for playing, and please leave feedback! It helps immensely.

Note: This game is disqualified from rating because I'm a judge, and also the jam host. But you're welcome to tell me how much you love/hate it in the comments. :)


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Version 2
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Audio Ball 0.1.0 (Windows 32-bit) 39 MB
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Simple but fun! Amazing how much you can do with so little, but I realize that there was a lot of work with the music and the timing. I wish there was more variation between the levels. Now I lost interest after some levels.  An improvement would be a different sorcerer with a unique strategy in each level. 

Interesting... I don't like how the game resets after 6 levels, and theres honestly not much difficulty to it. The unavoidable yellow one got me for a while before i realized I couldn't hit it.

Hey, thanks for playing! The difficulty keeps ramping up even thought the songs loop, but yeah it certainly needs some balancing on the challenge level.

Rough graphics but fun gameplay! I know how hard it is to sync music to gameplay so hat down on that. The way you have to anticipate for a timed reflected shot but also watch out for the dodge is really interesting and it keeps the game tense.

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun. :)

So this is what tennis looked like in medieval times. Makes me realize there could have been a good tennis game made with the two buttons controls. I didn't realize that I can't hit the yellow ball at first so I thought I don't need to dodge ever in the game.  

Haha, indeed. I definitely need to make the unavoidable yellow bit more clear in-game. Thanks for playing!

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I accidentally set Backspace for my dodge button lol

Reading the game control instruction: oh, that's easy

Actually playing the game: red, red, re--WAIT, IT'S YELLOW-- *game over

It's a fun game! Two thumbs up! :D

Haha, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for playing.

That's a cool game. Very addictive. 

Hey, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it. :D