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I thought i would play your game and critique it as you did with out games :P First of all, i didn't clearly see a "Controls panel" In-Game, only on the site, wich you commented about, It would be cool if you could see the amount of laps you've done and in wich spot you're in (second place, third place,....) and the arrows could be more clear to see! Also, make a slider or a button to decrease sound volume, my ears couldn't handle the loud music so had to mute . I also had a bug where i was clearly winning but i flew over the end and lost because it didn't count as a lap :'( cool game though!


Hey! Solid points for sure. The controls and volume are the cliche "I ran out of time" thing, and the position bit was on the to-do list but it's a bit tricky. When I get back to this I'll be sure to add those pieces at a minimum. :)

Thanks for playing!

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