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A Game-Boy-style hybrid of Mega Man Battle Network and Final Fantasy Legend II.

Created for Game Boy Jam 6 in a bit over a week. The original deadline version (0.0.1) is also here for posterity, but it's a buggy unplayable mess, so I'd prefer you play 0.0.2. If you're curious what changed, there's an included changelog.md. 90% of the extra work was fixing bugs.

A sequel to the text adventure Bardolf's Curse.


Had an extra two days for bugfixes, but still ran out of time! Here's what's left (that I know of):

  • In the overworld, wait for movement to finish before opening the menu - otherwise a battle might start and all Hell breaks loose!
  • Don't press SELECT at the victory screen! Bad things happen :(
  • Claim card is super buggy - if it works, you're lucky!
  • On occasion, iframes can be sketchy especially if you mash
  • The damage noise is awful and if it plays enough it'll stop, like it knows that it's annoying
  • The knights aren't supposed to get into the same cell but sometimes they defy all logic and do anyway
  • Linux and Mac OSX versions are untested, but should work fine. *crosses fingers*


Game Boy controls include a D-pad plus A, B, Start, and Select buttons.

Keyboard Game Boy
Arrow Keys D-pad
Space Start
S Select
Xbox 360 Game Boy
Left Stick D-pad
D-pad D-pad
Start Start
Back Select


Walk around and explore.

GB Button Action
D-pad Move
A Examine/talk
Start Pause and open menu


Use the menu to set up your Deck of Spells - this is where they get drawn from in battle. The Spell Bag contains spells you can put into your deck.

GB Button Action
D-pad Up/down to change option
A Select current option
B Battle menu: Undo previous selection
Pause menu: Return to previous menu
Start Battle menu: Start battle
Pause menu: Close all menus


Battle starts with a Spell selection menu. Choose up to five spells, but they must match in type (name) to take multiple into battle.

During battle, you can use your main weapon as much as you want but Spells are much more powerful! Keep an eye on the top of the screen to know when you can get more spells.

GB Button Action
D-pad Move
A Use current spell (displayed in upper left)
B Use main weapon (infinite uses)
Select Open spell select menu if available
Start Pause the battle


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Bardolf's Revenge (Latest) Win64 18 MB
Version 1
Bardolf's Revenge 0.0.2 (GBJ6) Win64 18 MB
Version 1
Bardolf's Revenge 0.0.2 (GBJ6) Win32 15 MB
Version 1
Bardolf's Revenge 0.0.2 (GBJ6) OS X 20 MB
Version 1
Bardolf's Revenge 0.0.2 (GBJ6) Linux 32 MB
Version 1